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From partial dentures to full dentures for upper and lower teeth, Kush Dental specializes in providing affordable same-day complete dental prosthetics to restore the beauty of your teeth. Dentures are typically available the same day. Crowns and bridges take longer to process since the steps are time-sensitive. Contact us in Casselberry, Florida, to learn more about our denture fitting and placement services.

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All About Dentures

We offer all of the standard forms of tooth replacement available in modern dentistry. A full denture is made to restore both the teeth and the underlying bone when all the teeth are missing in an arch (upper or lower). Smaller, removable partial dentures can be used if generally healthy teeth are present adjacent to the space where the tooth or teeth have been lost. The partial is anchored to the surrounding teeth by attachment to healthy teeth, crowns, or caps affixed to the healthy teeth. Our affordable removable partial denture is more economical and is used to replace multiple missing teeth when there are insufficient natural teeth to support a fixed bridge, which is similar to a partial but permanent.
Denture teeth are made from high-quality acrylic resins, which make them stronger and more attractive than was once possible. More natural-looking teeth are more expensive, which leads to different prices from one denture type to another.

New Denture Confidence

The good news is you actually have nothing to worry about! You can still eat all the foods you've always enjoyed once you've gotten accustomed to your new dentures. To ensure this transition, there are steps you can take to help ensure you don't have any embarrassing denture slips at the dinner table. While eating with dentures may be challenging at first, it will get better if you follow these tips to help you eat with ease and enjoy wearing your dentures:

• Begin with small quantities of food and cut them into small pieces.

• Never bite on your front teeth and try to maintain a balance.

• Put a small portion of food in your mouth, chew half of it on the back left side of your mouth and the other half on the back-right side. This will even out the pressure on your dentures.

• Avoid starchy foods like bread or floury pasty foods.

• Start with soft foods, such as eggs, fish, cooked vegetables or oatmeal. After you feel more confident, try eating chewier foods, such as fresh celery or broccoli, that tend to have a natural snap to them.

• Food may lose its flavor at first, but, don't panic because this is only temporary. At present, your mind is receiving strong signals from your mouth about your dentures, which overpower the messages from your taste buds. When you get accustomed to dentures, your mind will find a better balance and your sense of taste will improve.

• Additionally, to help keep your dentures from slipping while you're enjoying your meal, you might try a secure denture adhesive. Fixodent is one such adhesive that can give you a long, strong hold on your dentures and help increase biting force. It also helps protect your mouth against dentures' some of hidden enemies like, food particles and bacteria that can cause bad breath.

Denture Problems

Be aware: dentures will most often take a few adjustments in the office before it gets comfortable, especially the lowers (also called floaters). The lower dentures are usually less comfortable and will take longer to get adjusted to your mouth. Therefore, one must be patient when dealing with lowers full denture. The more bone one has to support a denture the less problems one will have conversely, the less bone you have to support your full lower denture the more difficult it will be to fit.  As you age, your mouth naturally changes, which can affect the fit of the denture. Your bone and gum ridges can recede or shrink, resulting in a loose-fitting denture. Loose dentures can cause various problems, including sores or infections. Dentures that do not fit properly can be adjusted. Avoid using a do-it-yourself kit to adjust your dentures, as this can damage the appliance beyond repair. Glues sold over-the-counter often contain harmful chemicals and should not be used on a denture.

Make sure your dentures fit. Over time, your gums and bones will change, and your dentures won't fit as well, this is normal. When this happens, your dentures need to be adjusted, modified, or replaced by your dentist. Never try to adjust your dentures yourself.

Handle dentures with care. Your dentures are delicate and can break easily. When holding your dentures, never squeeze, hold one end while you brush the other side until satisfied, then hold that end and do the same to the other side. Stand over a sink filled with water or place a towel on the counter. That way your dentures will be protected in case you accidentally drop them. Also, keep your dentures safely out of reach of children and pets.  If your denture no longer fits properly, if it breaks, cracks or chips, or if one of the teeth becomes loose, see your dentist immediately. In many cases, dentists can make necessary adjustments or repairs, often on the same day. 

Denture Teeth

The acrylic resins are relatively wear-resistant, and teeth made from these materials are expected to last between five and seven years with the more high end teeth, and the lower grade teeth may last between one and three years. The biggest and most important part of any denture is the denture teeth that are used to fabricate the denture.

Lower grade teeth will wear down very quickly and you will need to replace the complete denture in a couple years. If the denture has been made with high quality denture teeth, even if the contour of the mouth changes and the denture becomes loose over a period of time, the denture can be relined, (make it fit better) or rebase (replace the base of the denture) like new, thus, extending the life of the denture for a few more years. So having a quality denture teeth will actually work out less expensive in the long run.

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